Community Service  - "Sweatshop"

The Village Quilters (VQ) Community Service Committee originated in 2004 with the idea that the guild could help organizations in our local community by providing them with quilts. Between 2004 and the end of 2019, over 5,800 quilts have been distributed to people in need. Our goal is to enjoy the love of quilting while making worthwhile contributions to the community.

The quilts are made from donations of fabric, blocks and/or quilt tops provided by VQ members. Each year, the VQ Board allocates a budget to purchase batting and other items needed to complete the quilts. The Community Service Committee holds a “Sweatshop” on the first Monday of each month at the Chota Recreation Center from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. At each Sweatshop, guild members perform many tasks to process quilts through the various stages of cutting the fabric, sewing the tops together, pinning quilts to baste them for quilting, binding and adding labels to the finished quilts.  The unfinished quilts are taken to guild meetings where members can take them to quilt, bind, etc.  Finished quilts are also taken to guild meetings for “Show and Tell.” It is amazing to see the beautiful quilts VQ members make and donate to Community Service.

The Community Service Committee ensures the finished quilts are distributed to worthy local organizations and occasionally to other areas/states that have been impacted by natural disasters such as wildfires, tornadoes and hurricanes. We also donate several auction-worthy quilts each year to organizations in support of their fundraising efforts.

Members are encouraged to attend our workshop from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on the first Monday of each month.  It's an excellent way to meet other guild members and learn quilting skills. Beginners will learn and share the love of quilting. Many of us have lunch together halfway through the day. Come sew with us and bring your ideas!


Contact Rose Remund ( or Lori Rorstad ( for answers to your Community Service questions.

Community Service Committee

                                                                           Rose Remund – Co-Chair, sewing and quilting coach   (

                                                                           Lori Rorstad – Co-Chair, batting   (

                                                                           Sharon Clayton – Team Member, quilt backings 

                                                                           Vicki Schwerdt – Team Member, quilt backings 

                                                                           Tina Bielke – Team Member, sewing backings  

                                                                           Julie Hart – Team Member, sewing backings