Fabric Exchange & Block Drawings

2021 Coordinators - Diana Papin and Robin Atura
What is a Fabric Exchange?
We will be having at least two fabric exchanges this year.
  •   Guild members may sign up to exchange either a specified size fabric square or 3” strips, according to a specified theme.
  •   Participants stack the required size cut of three (3) Quilt Shop quality fabrics in a single layer, one on top of another, and cut the pieces according to the instructions for that particular exchange. When cutting the squares only, please remove the selvages before cutting.
  •   Each set of the three (3) fabrics are then secured by a tailor tack or basting stitch across one corner. Please do not use pins or staples to secure the sets.The yield of squares for the exchange will vary depending on the size of squares or strips being exchanged. (Ex: The 3” strips will yield 12 strips per yard. Three fabrics x 12 strips = 36 strips exchanged.).
  •   Guild members may sign up more than once and prepare a separate packet if they would like a larger collection from a particular fabric exchange.
  •   Sets are stacked and packaged in one, large Ziploc baggie with the participant's name and phone number written in permanent marker on the baggie. 
  •   Packets must be returned to Material Girls on the due date before the meeting begins.

Material Girls shuffle and redistribute the sets to the participants at the close of the meeting in which they are due. This activity is a great way to collect a selection of fabrics you may not already have or don’t usually buy to be used for appliqué, charm quilts and more.

What is a Block Drawing?
This is an optional activity offered twice this year. Material Girls supplies a packet which includes a piece of focus or background fabric. Participant adds other fabric component to complete the block according to instructions. Participating guild members sign up and get instructions to make a block or block(s), as directed, to be turned in for a chance to win a “block kit”, consisting of enough blocks for a throw size quilt. For each block(s) the participant turns in, she enters her name into the drawing. Each participant may win only one “block kit” even though she may have entered the drawing several times by making more blocks for the drawing. Completed blocks are turned in at the Material Girls table before the start of the meeting in which the blocks are due so that the drawing may be held before the end of the meeting. Participants may add their own sashing, borders, etc., to design and complete their quilt, or use suggestions provided by Material Girls. There are usually 4-6 winners, depending on how many blocks are turned in. This is a great way to try a new block or fabric line. Any member may participate as long as VQ packet supplies last.