Fabric Exchange & Block Drawings

Material Girls are continuing our Christmas fabric exchange! You may sign up and submit your packets of twelve 10” Christmas squares at our table during the August 12th meeting. FINAL submission is the beginning of the meeting on Sept. 9th. On the 9th we are going to introduce an ADORABLE cute project using your Christmas fabric blocks. Teena is writing out the directions for this project in her absolutely gorgeous cursive handwriting. If you appreciate beautiful cursive, check that out!

Directions: This Christmas exchange will consist of twelve 10”squares. You may cut/use any 10” squares of Christmas fabric from your stash or buy fabric. A 12” or (1/3 yd.) WOF will yield four 10” squares. So three 12” WOF will yield your twelve 10” squares. The idea is to give everyone a variety of fabrics and Stash fabrics or unused layer cake fabrics are fine, so check it out for unused 10” squares.

Please return your twelve loose (No pins or Tailor tacs) 10” squares in the plastic bag with your name attached to the bag at our table beginning Aug. 12th and Sept. 9th at the beginning of the Guild Meetings.

At September 9th meeting, helpers will distribute each of 12 different fabrics amongst the participants in this project. Your packet of assorted squares (with your name attached) can be found on the kitchen shelf at the back of the room. The Christmas Tree quilt link will be included in the bag for your purchase. There will also be a link for a free project.