Quilt Room Use

The Chota Center Quilt Room is a wonderful resource. It is an ideal classroom and work space, a great place to lay out your fabric or arrange your blocks on the large flannel board and it is home to our great quilt library. Please know that we share the room with the Art Guild of Tellico Village and other groups.

Although we share the room with others, it is open for Village Quilters’ use on many days each month. You can always check the current calendars on the website. 

Please do not wear perfume or cologne when attending classes, workshops, or meetings as a courtesy to those with allergies or sensitivities. Thank You!


  • It is the responsibility of the Vice-President of the Guild to schedule the Chota Center Quilt Room - all requests to use the room should be directed to that person.
  • Annually, the Vice-President will review the schedule to insure that the mission of the Guild to perform Community Outreach Projects and Education for Members are supported as needed.
  • Members may schedule the room for quilting bees, group meetings, classes and projects. When scheduling the room, the member should first check the calendar and then contact the current Vice President at vicepresident@villagequilters.com email to make a reservation.
  • Because our Guild has grown to over 350 members, the Chota Quilt Room has more requests for use. In order to accommodate all these requests, it is necessary to sometimes schedule 2 groups to share the room - one in the front (F) and one in the back (B). Only bees that consistently have over 12 attendees will be exempt from sharing. Each Bee might have their own on-going projects, please be mindful of their efforts and respect their privacy by not interfering in their discussions.
  • From time to time, the Vice-President may need to rearrange the Chota Room Schedule to accommodate requests from the Art Guild or to meet the Guild’s Mission. At those times, bees may be asked to share the room for a day or to plan an outing.
  • As a courtesy to those wanting to schedule the Chota Quilt Room, please contact the Vice President if your bee will not be using the room on a scheduled date. That way, while your bee is buzzing around at a Quilt Show or other event, someone else may be scheduled to use the room.


The quilt room is a great place to lay out your fabric or arrange your blocks on the large flannel board. You can use the quilt room for your personal projects at times listed at “Sit and Sew” on the Guild Calendar. Also after morning workshops, classes and sweatshops the room is available for Sit and Sew. Sometimes when a bee is using the room, they will allow members to work in the room alongside the bee. Please call the bee contact to see if that will work.


  • NO OPEN BEVERAGES - NO GLASS BOTTLES please; screw-top plastic bottles only.
  • Please do not wear perfume or cologne when attending classes, workshops, or meetings as a courtesy to those with allergies or sensitivities.
  • For class or workshop days when you may bring your lunch, use the lunchroom if it’s available.
  • Always place food trash in the kitchen trash bin— not in the small quilt trash containers.
  • Designate the last 15 minutes of your time slot for cleanup. Dry mop floor for lint, threads and pins. Use the lint roller on chairs if needed.
  • Empty small trash bins into large trash container.
  • Refold table covers and return all items to the cabinet and/or closet.
  • Replace tables in original layout if they’ve been moved.
  • Always replace the vinyl protective covers on the large ironing tables.
  • Turn off all the lights when you leave.


Table covers, iron, stencils, rulers and other items for members use are available in the unlocked cabinet. All mats are stored behind the Boutique cabinet at the back of the room.

Care of Irons

If there is residue on the soleplate of an iron, please use one of the following procedures to clean it:

  • Salt - Sprinkle a tablespoon of salt on a towel. Heat dry iron to Cotton setting. Gently set iron on salty towel surface and iron until residue is removed.
  • Magic Eraser - Wet surface of eraser and rub on COLD iron until residue comes off.
  • Dritz Cleaner - Squeeze a small amount of cleaner on cotton or batting and clean hot dry iron. Dispose of cotton or batting when iron is clean.
  • Our cabinet contains both Dritz Cleaner and a Magic Eraser.


Our library is varied and growing. You may borrow the items using the honor check-out and check-in system. Book and pattern donations are welcome. Leave them on the left side of the top shelf to be cataloged or give them directly to the Guild Librarian.

Our Guild History Scrapbooks are available in the unlocked cabinet for members to enjoy. Please do not remove the books from the room.


       1) a locked white cabinet for use only for Quilts of Valor;       

       2) a locked closet for use only by Community Service committee;     

       3) an unlocked white cabinet for workshop, class and members use;

       4) a locked cabinet (at back) for use only for Quilt Show Boutique.

Some Community Service Projects are available in the unlocked cabinet. You may want to pick up a quilt kit, fabric packet or charm squares to construct a quilt top for the Sweatshop group.

Revised January 15, 2020