2016 Quilt Show Winners

Judge’s Choice

2 Person Pieced Bed Quilt

Anita Chaisty

Purple Rain


Judge's Honorable Mention

2 Person Pieced Bed Quilt

Rose Remund

Pineapple Obsession

1 Person Appliquéd Wall Quilt


Best of Show Viewers' Choice

Rose Remund

Aunt Millie’s Garden

Viewers' Choice

Sharon Blanton

Into or Out of the Woods?

Viewers' Choice

Vonnie Rivers
Bayou Iris

Hand Quilted

Vicki Schwerdt

Diamonds Are Forever

2 Person Appliquéd Wall Quilt

Cindy Buol

My Husband’s Only Geisha

1 Person Appliquéd Bed Quilt

Lori Rorstad

12 Days of Christmas

2 Person Appliquéd Bed Quilt

Harriet Lewis

The Mill Girls of Lowell

1 Person Pieced Bed Quilt

Janet Armstrong

Pretty in Pink

2 Person Pieced Bed Quilt

Pat Schwartz

Colors in Motion

1 Person Pieced Wall Quilt

Janet Armstrong

Calendula Patterdrip’s Cottage

2 Person Pieced Wall Quilt

Vicky Price

Rise and Shine Nines

Original Art Quilt

J.J. Shay

Fibonacci’s Stairway to Heaven

Specialty Quilt

Vonnie Rivers

Hummingbirds Visit My Paper Flowers