Village Quilters 2014 Member Survey


170 members took the survey, 152 online, 18 on paper.

  1. Membership in years:  

     0-3            63

     4-6            39     

     7-10          34

     11+            32


2.  Quilting Experience:

     Beginner               9

     Intermediate        51

     Advanced            12


3.  Number of guild member-taught workshops taken in past year:

     0               50

     1               32

     2               35

     3 or more  21


4.  If 0, 1, or 2, reasons for not taking more workshops

     No time, too new, too easy, too hard, not interested, poor health


5.  Number of guest speaker classes taken in past year:

     0               73

     1               33

     2               23

     3 or more  20


6.  If 0 or 1, reasons for not taking more

     No time, not interested, too hard, health, too new


7.  Would you take more classes or workshops if they were lecture/demo types?
     Yes       41

     No        30


8.  Would you take more if you could learn the skill or technique without doing the project?

     Yes 40

     No   31


9.  Areas of interest (choose all that apply):

     Pieced quilts       148

     Appliqué               99

     Art quilts               56    

     Quilt history          30


10. If other, please specify

     Paper piecing 8

     Fast/small projects 4

     Machine embroidery 2

     Hand quilting 4

     Longarm 1

     Modern quilting 2

     Decorative quilting design 1

     Wearable art 1

     Appliqué 101 1

     Cathedral windows 1

     New techniques 1

     Crazy quilts 1

     Free motion 2

     Dating quilts 1

     Other fabrics than cotton 1

     Walking foot quilting 1

     Wool appliqué 2

     Thread painting 1

     Period quilts 1

     T-Shirt quilts 1

     Competition tips 1

     Fabric selection (color, prints, etc.) 1

     Painting/Embellishment 1


11. Suggested speakers for future meetings

     Edyta Sitar, Alex Anderson, Ginny Beyer, Anita Grossman Soloman, Sally Saulman, Kay Nichols, Margaret J Miller, Harriet Hargrove,

     Flavin Glover,  Charlotte War Anderson, Crab Apple Hill Designs,  Jo Morton, Barbara Brackman, Marti Mitchell, Sue Rasmussen,

     Karen Eckmeier, Sarah Vedeler, funny ladies with lots of slides with quilts, Maria Elkins, Judy Martin, Marsha McClosky,

     Darlene Zimmerman, Eleanor Burns, longarm teachers, McKenna Ryan, Londa Rhoebling, Lynne Hagmeier, Kathleen Tracy, Lisa Bongean,

     Kim Diehl, Pat Speth, Joan Wolfrom, Guild members with interesting ideas. Perhaps a talk about quilt history, saving old quilts, repairing

     old quilts, dating old quilts and fabric.


12. How many meetings do you typically attend each year?

     10-12        108

     7-9              29

     6 or less      14

13. Which types of meetings most appeal to you? (choose all that apply)

     Guest speaker                        161

     Guild member speaker            108

     Competitions                             39

     Luncheons                                70

     Mini workshops                          83

     White elephant sale                   77


14. Do you participate in one or more bees?

     Yes 38

     No   33


15. We already have several quilt bees that focus on quilt history, applique, scrap quilts, paper piecing, handwork, etc. If new quilt bees were

     started, what bee “focus” would interest you?

     New/beginner quilter

     Modern quilting

     Hand embroidery for quilts

     Long arm quilting

     Time to work on current project

     "Try a new skill" bee

     Machine quilting

     Art quilts

     Hand work

     Scrap quilts

     Judy Niemeyer quilts


16. How do you get information about the Guild? (choose all that apply)

     Meetings   128

     Bees           44   

     Website     113   

     e-Bulletin   133


17. If Other, please specify  

     Friends/Neighbors, Mountain Creek Quilt Shop


18. Would you be interested in a bus trip for a shop hop or quilt show?

     Yes  51

     No   17


19. Would you be interested in a quilt retreat?

     Yes  37

     No   29


20. If you are new to quilting or a new member of our Guild, would you benefit from a "Quilting Pal" or mentor? 

     Yes   11

     No    13