The Winners !

Out of the hundreds of GORGEOUS quilts in our show this year, here are the winners. Click on each quilt name, below, to see its picture.
Pieced Bed Quilts
 Appliqued Bed Quilts
 Pieced Wall Hangings
 Appliqued Wall Hangings
 100% Handmade
 Art Quilts
 Viewers' Choice
1.  Linda Arbuckle
2.  Ann Davidson
3.  Carole Hill
1.  Lori Rorstad
2.  Louann Cherry
3.  Pat Bilski
1,  Pat Bilski
2,  Mary Alfonso
Honorable Mention   Anne Coleman
Honorable Mention  Wanda Somers 
Honorable Mention  Carol Williams
1.  Sharon Clayton
2.  Cathie Peterson
3.  Jean Hapeman
Honorable Mention  Rose Remund
1. Vicki Schwerdt
2. Gail Lyman
1.  Nancy Kessler
2.  Pam  George
3.  J J Shay
1.  Pat Schwartz
2.  Anna Kelly
1.  Margit McPhee
2.  Diane Tosh
2.  Connie Williams
Sharon Clayton