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Workshops are on the 3rd and/or 4th Thursday of each month.

The Chota Quilt Room opens at 8 am so 

you can be ready for class to begin promptly at 9.

145 Awohili Drive

 Loudon, TN 37774

A charge of $10 will be collected for each workshop.  The deadline for a refund is the day of the guild meeting prior to the workshop. Full Membership is required for participation.

Please do not wear perfume or cologne when attending workshops, as a courtesy to those with allergies or sensitivities. Thank You!

Questions?  Contact Pam George.

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2018 Workshops

February 15, 9 - 2

Strippy Jacket
with Anna Kelly

Start with a shirt, separate the sleeves from the body, add fabric strips, then put the sleeves back on the shirt to make an eye-catching, textured jacket.  It’s fun and easy.

February 22, 9 - 4

One Block Wonder Quilt

with Janet Armstrong

You will learn to make the One Block Wonder kaleidoscope blocks with this unique, fun and addicting method. This class covers cutting and assembling the blocks as well as placement of the blocks for the best effect. Be prepared to have a ball!
March 15, 9 - 4

Central Park Sling Bag
with Pat Bilski

This bag is perfect for shopping or running errands -- it's a "hands-free" style bag.  Outside are a large open pocket and a zippered pocket.  Perfect for keys or your cell.  Inside is a another zippered pocket.  It also includes a long adjustable strap & zip top. Finished Size: 9"W x 11"H x 3"D
March 22, 9 - 4

Wool Feather Tree
with Anna Kelly

These eye-catching trees are so easy.  There is no sewing involved, just cutting and wrapping.  The wool is ripped into strips, clipped, then twisted around the wire branches.  They can be made in different sizes and colors for different seasons or occasions.  I am currently making ten of them to be used as centerpieces for my son’s wedding at a ski resort.

Special Workshops by Members

Quilting 101 with Arliss Barber

A thorough introduction to quilting, or a wonderful review. 

Contact Arliss Barber at for upcoming 2018 classes or see list below.

March 24 Class 1 & 2, 9-5

March 29 Class 3, 9-6

March 30 Class 4, 9-5

March 31 Class 5, 9-5

April 4 Class 6, 1-7

April 11 overtime, 5:30-8:30

Aug 25 Class 1 & 2, 9-5

Aug 29 Class 3, 9-6

Aug 30 Class 4, 9-5

Aug 31 Class 5, 9-6

Sept 5 Class 6, 1-6

Sept 8 overtime, 9-1

Private Quilting Lessons with Anna Kelly

PRIVATE QUILTING LESSONS IN YOUR HOME OR MINE WITH ONE-ON-ONE INSTRUCTION:  We will develop a personalized curriculum to meet your specific goals, work at your pace, and move on only when you are ready for the next step.  I can provide a basic project to get you started or we can work on a project of your choosing.  I have been quilting for over 30 years and have taught in many venues in and around Knoxville.  Call me if you have questions or to arrange a time that fits your schedule.  Anna Kelly, 865-458-1813 or
Tuffet Classes

Tuffet Classes offered at my house or yours - invite a couple of friends for an afternoon of fun!

Bring 24 strips of fabric cut 3"x18-22" and your cutting and sewing equipment and go home with a tuffet in less than 3 hours!

Cost:  $25 for class and $60 for Tuffet Kit = $85

Contact Helen Willis

Quilting, Needle Tatting, & Crocheting Classes
with Monica Schmidt
A series of "Basic Skills in Quilting" classes are offered, usually as 3-hour sessions, with each class focusing on a specific skill for beginner to intermediate quilters.

Classes are also available on Needle Tatting (beginner, with emphasis on jewelry) and Crocheting (beginner to intermediate).

Additional class titles, descriptions, and photos of class projects are available at:
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Classes are taught for small groups or as private lessons. Usually classes are taught in Knoxville or Oak Ridge, but other locations can be set up.

Contact:  Monica Schmidt, 865-406-3971 (cell),