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  • Check back on this page often, as the information and dates may change!
  • For non-members, there is a $5 Limited Membership fee for Meeting Programs with                      guest speakers, unless otherwise indicated.
  • There is a charge for all classes and Full Membership is required.
  • Classes are held at the Chota Quilt Room located at 145 Awohili Drive, Loudon, TN.
  • Half day classes are from 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. and full day classes are from 9:30 a.m. to           4:30 p.m., unless noted.
  • Cancellations with full refund are accepted up to 2 weeks prior to the class date.                       If you must cancel within the 2 weeks prior to class, there are no refunds.

Questions? Contact Nancy Green, Programs Chairperson.

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2017 Offerings
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Members' Style Show

Join us for a fashion show of wearable art,

made and modeled by our talented members.

Coordinated by Anna Kelly.

Rob Appell

Rob is a man who loves to sew and is proud of it. You may have seen some of his video tutorials online—we saw one of his videos here last January. Rob worked in his mother’s quilt shop in Morrow Bay, California, where he developed a fondness for Hawaiian shirt making. And now, 20 years later he is designing fabrics, writing books and creating patterns and loving to teach.

Friday, September 8

Guild Presentation

For his guild presentation, Rob will do a trunk show highlighting what he has learned in his 20 year career and sharing some of his design secrets and masculine perspective on quilt making.

Thursday Class, September 7
3 Dudes Quilt

Make this dramatic quilt with pre-cuts with 2.5”  and 1.5” strips.

Strip the piece sets, then make blocks, then make new blocks and soon the whole quilt top will be dancing before your eyes.

Try other color combinations for a variety of effects.

Friday Afternoon Class, September 8
Easy Reverse Appliqué

Layer fabrics, mark the design, sew and cut away the top fabric to create freeform appliqué. Rob will show you how to create your own designs with this simple technique.

Saturday Class, September 9
Burst Block

Make this dramatic quilt with pre-cut 10” squares. Cutting is even easier with Rob’s wedge template. You'll have so many design possibilities for bold, colorful quilts!


Honoring Women in Military Service

Jane Hall

Jane Hall lives in Raleigh, NC and is a traditional piecer.  She has a special interest in foundation work—exploring many methods, both traditional and innovative.

Jane is a judge and appraiser and has taught in US and abroad for over 25 years.

Friday, November 10

Guild Presentation

Jane has co-authored six books on foundation piecing with Dixie Haywood and this is their latest. For her presentation at the guild meeting she will give us an overview of the design potential of classic patterns like Log Cabin and Pineapple Log Cabin as well as innovative contemporary designs. She will explain many techniques to work on foundations as well share her innovative tweaks.

Thursday's Class, November 9

Pineapples Plus


Jane’s all day class will teach us how to make a basic Pineapple block and then let us choose other design variations to explore. This class is suitable for beginning to advanced quilters. Bring your sewing machine and learn Jane’s expert techniques.

Friday afternoon class, November 10

Sliced Steps


Create this very contemporary looking design by making simple Log Cabin variation blocks, then slicing them at an angle and re-combining the segments.


Holiday Luncheon