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  • For non-members, there is a $5 Limited Membership fee for Meeting Programs with                      guest speakers, unless otherwise indicated.
  • There is a charge for all classes and Full Membership is required.
  • Classes are held at the Chota Quilt Room located at 145 Awohili Drive, Loudon, TN.
  • Half day classes are from 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. and full day classes are from 9:30 a.m. to           4:30 p.m., unless noted.
  • Cancellations with full refund are accepted up to 2 weeks prior to the class date.                       If you must cancel within the 2 weeks prior to class, there are no refunds.

Questions? Contact Janet Armstrong, Programs Chairperson.

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2018 Offerings

General Meeting,

Friday, March 9

Laura Wasilowski

"Art Quilts: The Musical"

(fusible applique)

Laura Wasilowski is a textile artist, author, teacher, and creator of hand dyed fabrics and threads. She has an undergraduate degree in Costuming from the College of St. Benedict, St. Joseph, MN and a Master of Art degree in Fiber from Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL. She is owner of ARTFABRIK.

She combines vivid fabrics and whimsical stories to make pictorial art quilts. "My colorful, hand-dyed fabrics inspire me, as do stories of my family, friends, and home. These pieces often chronicle my life. Each wall piece I make is of my own design, of fused applique, and machine quilted."

Join Laura in celebrating the life of a quilt artist. Listen to her adventures in quilt making and hear traditional art quilt folk songs like “Everybody Gets Rejected Sometime” and the “Minnesota Quilter’s Polka”. It’s a quirky documentary featuring a display of her small art quilts and many other songs from the “Chicago School of Fusing Bond Fire Songbook”.

Full Day Class

Thursday, March 8th

"Another Nut House"

Recreate an image of your home, The Nut House. Learn fusing techniques like pattern transfer, bias weaving, and making it up as you go along. Learn how to add hand embroidery and bind your small art quilt too. Pattern templates are provided, but you will provide the fun and imagination. Bring your Nut House to life with a kit of beautifully hand-dyed fabrics and threads.      ($45 class fee and $25 Kit Fee)

Afternoon Class

Friday, March 9th

"Colorful Leaves"

Create your own leaf design the easy way- with colorful fused fabrics. Learn a quick pattern transfer method and the basic principles of designing artwork (like repetition, variety, and contrast). Your kit includes all the fabric colors and values needed to make 4 small leaves for this design tutorial as well as a sampler of embroidery thread for stitching detail, texture, and pattern on the surface. (No sewing machine needed.)  ($25 class fee and $25 Kit Fee)

General Meeting

Friday, April 13th

Pam Weeks

"Civil War Soldiers' Quilts"

Come meet this quilter, curator, author and quilt historian.

Pam will share her research on the role women played on the home front and on the battlefield as well as stories of 14 actual Civil War Soldiers' Quilts (only 17 are known so far).

Full Day Class

Thursday, April 12th

"Quilt As You Go"

Making quilts in small sections and joining those sections to make a larger quilt is a method that has been used by quilters for more than 150 years. Using examples from her collection, Pam will lead students through the various methods and techniques. Students will leave with a notebook of techniques, pattern sources and learn how to choose what method works for what project.  ($45 class fee)

General Meeting
Friday May 11

Nancy Mahoney
"Mastering Color for Traditional Quilts"

Nancy Mahoney is an author, teacher, and fabric designer who has enjoyed quilting for over 30 years.  During that time, an impressive range of her beautiful quilts have been featured in many books and in over 200 national and international quilt magazines.
Are you are trapped in a rut of always using the same colors? Do you want a better understanding of how to choose colors for any style of quilt? Color choices don't have to be intuitive or instinctive–there is a practical way to choose color for quilts. In her guild presentation, Nancy will present useful techniques and guidelines for making the perfect color choices for any quilt. Take the guesswork out of putting colors together and see innovative ideas for fresh color combinations.
Full Day Class
Thursday, May 10

"Feathered Star"

This is the perfect class for anyone who wants to learn how to make a Feathered Star block. Nancy takes students through a step-by-step class, with rotary cutting and piecing techniques for making accurate triangle squares. Her methods make short work of this tricky-looking block. Design and color possibilities will be discussed. Pattern included for each student. Finished size: 44" x 44". ($45 class fee, no kit fee)
Half Day Classs
Friday, May 11

Twisted Triangles

In this fun class, you'll learn 10 different ways to make half-square triangles! This stash-busting lap-size quilt is perfect for fat quarters, fat eighths, or Tonga 6-pack strips. The blocks are oh-so-easy to make and look great in any color combination. Pattern included for each student. Quilt size: 53" x 60". ($25 class fee, no kit fee)
General Meeting
Friday, June 8

Spring Luncheon

After a brief general meeting, we will proceed to our luncheon venue...