Officers and Committee Chairs

2017 Officers

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Pictured above: Treasurer Maria Grimm, Secretary Sharon Blanton, President Rita Hollenbacher, and Vice President Leslie Ann Phillips.

2017 Officers

  Rita Hollenbacher
  Leslie Ann Phillips
  Maria Grimm
  Sharon Blanton
Past President
  Helen Willis

2017 Committee Chairs

  Barbara Craig
  Carolyn Hampson
  Janice Irving
  Ann Davidson
  Judy Bland
  Louise Ragle
  Jane Salmon
  Dee Butler
  Judith Kubesh
  Anna Kelly
  Jane Salmon (June), Judy Kubesh/Vicki Schwerdt (December)
  Vicki Schwerdt   
Neighborhood Ladies (non-voting)
 Audrey Cys
  Cindy Buol
  Jan Wass
  Sharon Clayton, Rose Remund
  Dee Butler
  Nancy Green
  Arliss Barber
  Newbees Bee
  Barb Gothard
  Peg Purdue