Quilt Challenge Information

Our Guild's 2017 Grab Bag Challenge

This is a FUN challenge to help Community Service, which was given a generous amount of material last year. The list for deserving recipients is extensive and this is one way the Guild members can help in our mission of service to the community.

The challenge: Choose a grab bag, without seeing the contents, and design a quilt top.

This is not a judged challenge.

  • Kits to create a quilt have been prepared for members to participate in a challenge for the June luncheon. The kits might have yardage or a panel and coordinating material or fat quarters. Each bag contains enough material to create a quilt top.
  • The grab bags will be available at the monthly Guild meetings.
  • The quilter, after finishing the whole quilt, will return it to join the accumulation, which will be on display at the June luncheon.

Are YOU up to this challenge??!